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Inherit Hotel Group is proud to announce work is underway in Austin!

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Colton House Hotel Story

‘Texas Proud’ is something we hear all the time, but until you visit you can’t help but notice what Texas pride is about: its independence.

Eighty miles south of Austin, a town bought by the prominent Colton family, appropriately renamed Colton, captured the essence of small town Texas. Throughout its history, the town’s most prominent building was a post office. Now a farming and ranching community, the beauty of the rolling hills that surround Colton, and the history of its people, is the foundation of what Texas is today.

In the blueprint of our minds, The Colton House would honor the spirit of Texas. We want to pay the due respect to the history of Texas, and have our guests feel that independence as well. We designed the Colton House to be a spacious, private home for the adventurers, the families, and the guests who want a different hotel experience rather than one pre-scripted. As patrons, we want our guests to write their own scripts.

We build authentic experiences in the most interesting neighborhoods. The Colton House is our Austin boutique hotel, but we invite you to wander with us to other cities.

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